Friday, January 8, 2016


I was given a last minute opportunity to drive to Prague for a night or two for a New Year celebration. 
In Prague, I found myself being a tour guide to a lost individual, 
 sharing sparklers with someone who had NEVER lit them before tonight, 
introducing foreigners to the most delicious Czech cinnamon treats called Trdelnik
(It is totally worth it to get it with a little nutella spread inside).
speaking with an Australian girl who was crying because it was the first time she was experiencing snow and she was so happy (not pictured), 
and viewing some aerial fireworks lit by random people on the street (possibly drunk). I didn't stay long because I was afraid of getting shot in the face with a roman candle, but I sat in the window in the apt on Parizska and watched and listened to the works all night long.

May we spread joy and smiles around the world this coming New Year and try to make at least one person's experience a little brighter each day (including yourself).
Happy New Year.
I love you.