Saturday, January 30, 2016


After many different trip ideas, my Czech family and I packed our bags to go to Mexico for a week. I wasn't expecting a tropical visit during my stay so I didn't pack any warm clothing and Ivanka lost a few kilos and didn't want to buy new shorts...
 so we had to get creative.
Extra material meant matching headbands!
We loaded up the car and drove 3 hours to the Munich airport
 to catch our non-stop 12 hour flight to Cancun.
 Thank goodness for business class and the reclining beds.
They also served us fancy food.
 We arrived in Mexico late. The first day was spent at the beach getting to know our villa and used to the time difference.
 We stayed at the Bayan Tree Mayakoba resort. It is fabulously fabulous!

 The resort supplied us with bikes to ride if we didn't want to wait for a golf cart to pick us up to take us around.

Today was a good day.