Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I made a friend in Germany.
He offered to give me a free tour of the city Bayreuth so I took it!
We went to the top of some building for a view of the entire city and found a cute little German graphic design exhibit on the bottom floor.
 We walked down the town center to see the famous May Pole
and dinosaur.
We walked through the canal gardens at the new palace. Germany loves their baums!
Next, we went to the Hermitage.
 I can't imagine how long it took to get all of these stones put up, but it is seriously so gorgeous to see!
We stayed for the fountain show in the pond.
As we were leaving, I spotted the most adorable little field where people are welcome to come and pick flowers and leaves money in a bin for what they take. So cool. So I had a Mariah Carey moment and danced among the sunflowers!
 We then grabbed some food at a Bier Garden.
That's my hefty mug of German water!
The sights were nice, but my favorite moment of the day was probably when we bought pretzels and then sat on this random playground (actually just these two springy animals) to eat.
Ok ok then we had some gummibaren.
Best Pretzel ever!