Monday, August 24, 2015


I just nominated myself the best American Prague tour guide of 2015. I've made a few friends and was able to spend a few days showing them around Prague this last week.
We make sure to have the best Czech cuisine.

Then we are off to see my favorite sights like the synagogue by the Prague castle,
 the city spires,
 the Orloj clock
(along with all the tourist peeps for the show at the top of the hour at the clock),
Old Town Square, 

 (we stop for Czech cinnamon treats called Trdelnik along the way)
for a view of the Prague castle, 

 Charles Bridge,

 (locks along the bridge)
(Charles himself)
John Lennon wall,

 Dancing House,
 (there is a fab view at the top of the Dancing House)

 and then sometimes we wander off and take side streets.
You get me every time, Prague. Every time.