Tuesday, September 1, 2015

PLASY - Czech

I discovered a place called Plasy during my last visit to the Czech Republic. I found photos of an amazing staircase on the line and decided I HAD to go see it! I drove to it in November and found out most Czech places are closed in Winter. I'm here during summer months now so I made the trip on a Monday and found out it's only open on the weekends. I couldn't let it win!
 Friday came. Three 40 minute drives later and I finally made it to go inside this Plasy church.
 I had to endure an hour long tour all in the Czech language to be able to see it. But I didn't mind because it's gorgeous!

 The interior rooms are super fancy.
Little details made it even more fab.
And then you can't forget to look up!

And finally, the staircase!
It was a beautiful day of exploring.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place... and worth going back to see!