Friday, July 31, 2015


I heard about a sweet hike to Cecret Lake in Alta, UT, from my friend Heidi and I had to go.
 There are 120 varieties of wildflowers in this area that can be seen blooming for only about 2 months out of the year.
 My goal: to see some flowers.
Mission: accomplished.
 If you continue on the trail for a short 3/4 mile, you get to Cecret Lake.
It is small, but well worth the short walk.
 While we were there, we saw a moose, swimming salamanders, and little furry animals like the guy pictured below.
 It is a must hike in summer months if you are in Utah.
This is the moment on the car ride home when you realize you are singing along to a Taylor Swift song and aren't embarrassed by the fact. Ugh that last album of hers...