Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have missed a handful of 4th of July celebrations over the last 8 years so you can imagine how excited I was to be in America for this year's festivities. 
 Day-Z was super excited too.
The city of Provo celebrates with amazing events for days leading up to the fourth.
 They launch hot air balloons in the morning,
had WWII Candy Bomber hero do his final candy drop for the children over Scera Park,
parades, rooftop concerts, contests, carnivals, and the finale event 
 the Stadium of Fire.
 This event was full of cool dancers,
 diet coke and mentos explosion shows,
 a concert by Journey, 
 and, of course, 
 lots of amazing fireworks.
There ain't no doubt I love this land!
Happy birthday, America.