Thursday, November 27, 2014


I made a last minute decision to drive to Waldsassen, Germany, today. 
This might seem like your average German city upon arrival.
Then you discover the 3 wonders this city holds.
*Sorry for the photo overload about to happen.*
 #1 is the Basilica located in the city center.
Go inside to see the gorgeous baroque decoration 
Bohemian high Baroque with Italian flavor to be exact.
(I paid attention in art history class.)

 There is also a lovely organ.
You will also find ten richly dressed (and bejewelled) skeletons. 
The skeletons were removed from the catacombs of Rome and were ornamented by Adalbart Eder in the 18th century.
That's right...these are my tales from the crypt.
This entire area is a Cistercian nunnery (formerly a monastery).
So you will see photos of nuns and catholic decoration.
 The buildings and decorations are just beautiful.

#2 Next door to the basilica is the most wonderful library.
It costs 3 euros to visit, and is totally worth it. 
 I was given slippers to wear on top of my shoes and a paper in English of the history. That's the entire tour. 
The library was completed in 1726 and decorated in late Baroque and early Rococo style.
Richly and super intricately carved shelves hold thousands of volumes (I think the paper said 4,000).
 There are 10 columns with allegorical men holding up the mezzanine representing human weakness such as vanity, ignorance, and boastfulness.
The paper will tell you things to look for like mice in the beard, the appearance of the faces at different angles, and so forth.
 It really is a sight to see.

This guy is my favorite.
 The ceiling is decorated with awesome paintings and plaster work.

All of the books are bound in white pigskin or dark calfskin and are handwritten.
 As I walked back to my car, I grabbed a pretzel from a little bakery (I can't resist these). 
#3 I drove about 5 km out of town (follow the signs) to the kappl.
It is a 3 spire chapel.
It is called the Kappl Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity.

There wasn't anyone around to answer any questions, but I think the chapel was built in 1711.
 The roof was destroyed by fire and the painted ceilings were added in 1940.

Waldsassen is a city you do not want to miss!