Friday, November 21, 2014


 My trusty Skoda (Czech car whose name literally means what a pity) drove to Cham, Germany, today for a small adventure.
 The first thing that caught my eye was the Maria Hilf Kirche der Redemptoristen. It's massively beautiful on the outside. 
 Apparently it has great stained glass inside
but I thought it was a school and was afraid to go in and disturb studies.
 I walked by Franziskanerkirche.
 It was a Franciscan monastery in 1631, then used as a barn, and finally rebuilt in 1866 and used as a church again.
Some cute little drive-thru.
Cool art at a nearby school.
Next, I found St. Jakob church.
 Outside of it is this cool castle fountain (turned off for the season).
Inside, I found 14th century baroque decoration (if it ain't baroque, don't fix it),
this amazing set of pipes,
and a man wearing lederhosen cleaning the floor. I love Germany.
 Moving on to the Marktplatz, I found this guy sitting outside the Town Hall.
 He is holding this proclamation
and just around the corner from this guy.
 There is a large Christmas tree and decorations in the marketplace for the coming holiday season.
The Marktplatzbrunnen fountain's water is turned off, but it's crazy story was still there. Apparently, there is Count Luckner (Marshal of France) who plays a song every day at12:05,
a forest witch with her children,
 and a German corn sprite named Bilmesschneider.
These guys are all over the city to charm you.
 I'm not sure what this is, but it looked neat.

Inside this cute yellow church I found this church.


Some cool chairs as I walked back to the parking garage 
and almost didn't make it out. It only cost me 80 cents to park for a few hours.
Thank you, Germany.