Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ever feel like this? Maybe I do (a little bit) today.


peejay said...

oh my goodness, can i copy this? i can't even tell you how exactly perfect this is for my life right now.

conversations go like this:
"how are you?" (when people don't really care, but they ask as more of a "hi")
"lost, how are you?"
that always raises questions. but seriously. that's me.

let's be friends.

Deanna said...

Sure, use it. I snapped the photo at the O'Hare airport (I'm pretty sure) I've got another. Loved it. In? Out? In? Door opening or closing? I just don't know....

Miljenko said...

This, me thinks, is a perfect example of Men are from Mars and Women are from .. somewhere else.

A guy looks at that pic and instantly recognizes, one, the person who came up with it was a guy and two, it means people getting onto the train, stay on the side, people getting off stay in the middle.

Simple matter of organization and movement of crowds and women go and find a deep meaning in it ...

No hate mail please! I think I was being funny!