Sunday, March 28, 2010


All in just one day:

Driving through Moab and the tire on the truck falls off...literally.

While sitting in the truck and watching the tire roll by us, through the intersection, bounce, and land in the street, I decide we might need it again. As I jump out of the truck to chase down the tire, my phone falls into the street and (even though it had already been run over and lost for a week at the Dulles Airport and dropped several times on hard wood floors) the screen dies and my celltron doesn't work any more. RIP.
Of course, there is no T-mobile store in Moab.

The tow truck driver was kind enough to get the truck to the shop.
The shop employee said he could fix the truck. Hooray! 2 weeks. Not so good.
Think the day could get any worse for a girl? Yes, my monthly friend decided to stop in. Brilliant! (Maybe I should've kept that one to myself but I felt like it was the icing on the cake.)

I suppose it wasn't ALL bad. Got to meet the whole town of Moab, make new friends, and play in the red dirt.
You know what they say, when in some hiking.


Britt said...

if anyone could handle THAT day, it's you. not that you deserve it or anything :)

Unknown said...

I love how you stopped to pose for a picture in the middle of the road with the cop in the background. Very nice. Oh, and didn't you just get that phone a couple of months ago?

molly said...

sad sad sad, friend. good luck!

Miljenko said...

Well that Moab place just seems to be a heap of bad luck!

Turpin's said...

Oh man and I thought that the tire falling off story only happend in the cartoons!! Thats a bummer!!!

Tom said...

"Celltron". I forgot you said that. I like it. And therefore I may steal it... if I can remember to do so.

As per your monthly friend... thank goodness she's a lesbian: you can keep her. :)