Monday, March 15, 2010


Two things are on my mind today:
1) I have friends who have cool giveaways on their blogs. I live out of a suitcase kinda so I don't even have all my things let alone cool things to give away.
2) I said something about being back in DC today to which my friend Szilvia replied,
"WOMAN settle down for a second please..prince charming has NO WAY of catching up with you!!!!!!"

And so I mushed these thoughts together to save time and it led me to this super sweet LOVE GIVEAWAY 2010 idea:

As most of you know, I'm kinda boy retarded and I just don't date guys (or girls...gosh). I mean, I go ON dates...I just don't DATE people with any form of seriousness. I don't know why. Whatever. But maybe it is time for deanna to have a boyfriend.

So here's the deal...I'm headed back to Utah next week on the 24th for a bit. The first 5 boys who take me on a date will be in the running to capture "deanna's boyfriend" status.
I're thinking this is a big deal, right?! And it is.

You have 9 days, boys, so leave a comment, email, facebook, text, phone, knock on my door, or tie a note around the neck of a magical unicorn... however you want to find me but hurry to get in on this once in a lifetime LOVE GIVEAWAY.

Feel free to send gifts of kindness, flowers, trips to exotic places, itineraries of possible dates, etc.*

*gifts probably won't increase your chances of becoming my boyfriend but will gladly be accepted.
**Thanks to Tom for the photos...even the creepy deangelina one that doesn't look a thing like me (I hope).


Tom said...
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Tom said...

I LOVE the Deangelina one, actually. The jawline looks reaaaaaaaaaaally squared, haha

Leslie said...

AGain, I wish I was a guy. Its easier to pee in public and I could date Deanna. DANG IT!

Jeff said...

That is a creepy picture.

I like the idea of the love giveaway. It's brilliant.

dnA said...

We used to date regularly,girl. I miss those late nights.... at target. May the best man win!

Tom said...

Deanjelina... hahahahaha still funny!

Tom said...

I just realized what that picture reminds me of... Quagmire from Family Guy, lol

Tom said...

peejay said...

We are the same. I love it.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Has anyone ever told you that you are nuts.


By the way.

I don't know how you expect to see me and the Patrice if you fly in for one day and then go to Moab.

Kinda mad at you for that.

easleyfamily said...

Can't wait to hear the outcome of this :)

molly said...

I love this blog post!!!

braden said...

Am I too late? And do previous efforts count, or is the slate wiped clean for this so-called love giveaway? Previous efforts seemed to be futile, but maybe this time it will be worth it :)