Monday, November 16, 2009


My name is deanna and I use predictive text option when typing text messages. Theoretically, the number of keystrokes per character, provided that all words used are in the dictionary and that no spelling or typing mistakes are made, should allow your cellular device to type the word you desire when writing your message. ie. pushing 8398 should form the word TEXT. In practice, however, these factors are found to be crucial to speed and accuracy, as has been demonstrated in experiments with real users like myself:

I invited someone to come along to have dinner with me and the local Wisconsin morons last night.

Oh wait...actually there's another M in's the Mormons!

Thank you predictive text and my lazy fingers for that laugh.
deanna: world's most professional text messager.


ali-dot-e said...

That is exactly why I have a full keyboard on my phone. On the other hand, I still make dumb mistakes.

Supercords said...

My life got a lot easier once I moved up to a Blackberry with a full keyboard.