Sunday, November 29, 2009


Once upon a time, a young girl worked at a small bagel shop in Utah. She loved her bagels. In fact, she only ate bagels from this shop and refused to eat crappy Einstein Bagels, mostly due to their inferiority in taste (except the asiago) and high price, but also mostly because of her loyalty to her bagel shop. Then one day, the owners came in while the girl was hard at work, put a closed sign in the window, and the shop was gone. RIP Bruegger's Bagels of Orem, UT.

As fate would have it, 10 years later (don't do the math), this still young girl was driving down University Ave in Madison, WI, and to her surprise saw a magnificent building with the words Bruegger's written in that oh-so-tacky font she once adored.
She carefully changed lanes, walked in the door, and left with some honey walnut cream cheese and a bag of boiled, baked, and round happiness. Mmm...bagel me, WI.


Kara said...

Seriously, when a girl finds an awesome bagel, it is a beautiful thing.

Supercords said...

Is this some franchise I've never heard of? I love a good bagel--toasted, of course.