Tuesday, June 16, 2009


...and I'm not talking about California. Here the city is called Karlovy Vary and has a great history:

It is said that Charles IV went hunting in the woods. During the hunt, one of the hounds started to run after an animal. The hound fell into a pool where hot water does now burst from the ground. The hound began to howl so the hunters ran to the him. The marvel which they saw amazed them greatly. They stepped closer, pulled the hound from the pool, and then tasted of the hot water which had fallen in.

The event was reported to the Emperor Charles IV, who then went to marvel at this singular wonder of nature. In the presence of his physicians, the wise ruler said that such hot water may drive off many grave ailments, and that it was beneficial and invigorating. Then he himself used the water (it is said that he had an afflicted leg), and sensed assuagement and improvement. The ruler was overjoyed at this, and soon gave orders that the whole place be settled, and that around the springs, houses be built.

Today, locals go to drink the water from the springs to be healed and tourists mix the waters causing them to get diarrhea. I went yesterday with the local American missionaries and we drank the waters from our special cups.
deanna: 2
healing waters causing diarrhea: 0


Anonymous said...

Did you think to rub it on your face for the healing powers?? Douse the baby spiders!!