Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here is the reason why:

1976, due to public controversy surrounding a particular red food coloring, red M&M'S® Chocolate Candies were removed from the traditional color mix.

1971, a Russian study linked cancer to Red No. 2, and consumerists in the U.S. stepped up pressure on the FDA to ban the dye.

1987, red was returned to the traditional M&M'S® color mix due to overwhelming request from consumers.

Sure, it's a different dye but I still don't trust em...epecially the Valentine's or Christmas bags. Yikes.


Unknown said...

Sure you can live in fear for the rest of your life, but hey, what kind of world would it be with a over proponderance of red m&ms? First, anarchy, then, ?

Jaimee said...

Love the hair, love the pics, love the bum shots and love that your so exentric especially w/red m&m's, I just love you! Been missing your posts glad to see some finally-what am I talking about I havn't updated mine in over a week too! oh well!

michelle said...

ME EITHER !!! I still won't red m&m's!!!!!!

Deanna said...

and I just saw the bag of death the other night...all red "cherry" M&Ms giant size bag. oh Lordy, be careful with that one consumers.

jeff said...


Jenni said...

and if you thought red #2 was scary, just wait until you hear about red #40. I'm trying to wean this house off artificial's a loooong slow battle (Dave's not helping!)
Oh, btw, i'm Dave's wife.

Deanna said...

red dye 40...that's used in maraschino cherries (no more hot fudge sundaes with a cherry on top I guess). My high school girl friend always told me she thought those were part of a government conspiracy anyway.

Anonymous said...

You should try to eat the british smarties instead that now only contain natural dyes. They can't find a natural blue so they have white..might take a while to get used to it!

Anonymous said...