Sunday, March 9, 2008


So my talk in church three weeks ago was about perfecting the saints...I spoke about sharing your testimony through the words you speak, the example you set, and the way you live your life. Going to Ireland was such a fun holiday for me and Jenny because we met so many amazing people from all over the world (So 2 mormon girls walk into a pub...). The people all around us offered us drinks all night and when I said I'd take pineapple juice over guinness it got most asking questions. My friend Marc sent me this note:

'deanna your a sweet lovely lass. ive just got back from our weekly works get together and ive been talking to all the boys about our trip.its funny because i told everyone about you being a mormen the other day and today kirean who by the way is one of the more inquisitive members of the group took it upon himself to google it. So picture this a bunch of lads all the way from england sat around talking about your religion. bearing in mind on an average day the conversation dont get past more than motors sports and women. Suddenly we find ourselves deep in a converstion about the usa, deanna, salt lake city and mormen life. . so please be proud that even though you sit all those miles away from us you managed to keep a bunch of lads talking for a good while. least you know we think of you.'

Jenny and I didn't do anything but be ourselves. And I guess that's good enough most of the time. It just makes me realize that people are watching all the time and I need to be all that I can be...always. (Read this funny story about my little nephew saying "what the hell!")It's great to share what we believe and who we are. Life is sweet. Love you all.


Jaimee said...

That is really cool D..that's one of the best things I love about you is that your never afraid to be yourself no matter what! Thanks for sharing that letter it is a visual reminder that people are always watching and it's cool that you can make that kind of impression and it's a good one too!

michelle said...

oh Dee, you're awesome