Friday, January 11, 2008


The new ward sprung for us all to go to Soldier Hollow to go sledding. Now this isn't your average type of sledding...this is choose your tube, hook it on to a pulley and they PULL YOU up the mountain, then you sit down and sled on the man made tracks. Maybe not as adventurous as finding some steep hill and building jumps to go off but hey, we can be posh. Tubing is tubing.


Jaimee Marie said...

Sounds like tons of fun D! We do too much snowmobiling and then too tired to go sledding. We need to sled before snowmobiling then maybe we'll get some in this winter;)love ya, "the international chick" !!!

deanna said...

I've never been snowmobiling...maybe I need to go visit Jaimee!!

Jaimee said...

Yes I think you should! There's ton's of snow up here right now too... D is welcome ANYTIME!!!