Saturday, January 26, 2008


.......Next few days.......

(Thurs & Fri Jan 24-25, 2008)

I had a date with a bottle of Nyquil and bag of cough drops Thursday. It went so well, I decided to try it again Friday night. But Friday I did rise from my bed and travel to Park City to meet Jimmy Hu at the Filmmaker Lounge (director guy in photo from Day2) to get tickets to a film coming up on Monday. I was also supposed to meet my new friend Sean(from the Broken film Day1) but he called and couldn't make it up. Jimmy took me into the New Frontier Lounge where I was in awe of the technology genious around me. I made a friend at the information desk and Jimmy bought me a hot cup of herbal tea because I sounded like Marge Simpson's sisters Patty & Thelma. He was sick also from "too much partying" and the cold, cold Park City air. So we called it a night. Don't remember much else.


Shauna said...

Look at you . . you party animal! :) You sure know how to live it up! Looks like you had fun ~ Hope you recover soon.

Jaimee said...

Hey D! So you wanna babysit eh! Sounds like a deal do I have to pay for your gas money to get here ;) haha anything to get you up here I guess! I love ya and oh btw I tagged you, go to my blog and see! love ya xoxo