Thursday, May 25, 2017


Utah has so many cool hikes and places to discover. So I decided to get and out discover more.
It was time to visit some of the hot springs that are close by.
 The first stop was a 2.5 mile hike up to Fifth water hot springs. It is located up Diamond Fork canyon near Spanish Fork. There is a fabulous waterfall that greets you as you reach the pools. The pool closest to the waterfall is the warmest and they get cooler the farther you go from them.
There is a parking lot at the bottom and the trail was pretty busy that day. The pools are big enough that groups of people can wade in them at the same time.
 The next spring is Baker Hot Springs in Delta, UT. This one has 3 tubs that are large enough to accommodate several people at once. When we arrived, there was a skinny dipper already in the tub...a risk you take at the hot springs.
 Just like the other other Spring, the tubs have different temperatures and cool as they move farther from the source. The scenery around this one is fabulous.
Meadow Hot Springs was next on the list.
 My friend Rachel and I went with her daughter Claire during Spring Break. It was super crowded and full of people. This spring gets a lot of visitors.
 Meadow has 3 pools to swim in all serrated by short walks. The first one, pictured above, is the deepest and is known to have people dive in it to explore it. This one is the warmest of the three.
 The next pool is a little cooler, but your feet can touch the ground in most places.
I didn't get a picture of the third tub. This one has a cute wooden dock with small fish swimming in the water. It is the coolest of the pools.
 The final hot spring I visited was Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, UT. There is an entry fee of $16 for adults. There are other fees for camping per person and attending concerts that may be held there throughout the year.
 There are crazy buses and teepees as you drive in to the parking lot. There were almost no other people visiting the day we went because of the overcast weather.
As you walk up to the natural springs, the first spot you see is a giant pool with a small waterfall that can hold a large number of visitors at one time.
As you walk up the hill, there are individual bath tubs you can soak in. 
Like I said, we were the only visitors, so we had our own individual tubs, but you can fit more than one person in a tub.
 You'll spot 3 right away and if you walk to the right, you can find two more that placed right in the rocks.
These springs are so fun and worth the entry fee, in my opinion.


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