Sunday, May 21, 2017


This was my second year of attending the Lantern Fest in Salt Lake City, UT. I went last year with a few friends and just loved the amazing sight of seeing the sky illuminate with thousands of lanterns released as signs wishes, dreams, and hope. It is simply stunning.
I'll be honest and say this year didn't run as smoothly as last year. The festival was charging for parking at the event which caused a HUGE traffic jam that we were caught in for 2 hours. I even think some people didn't make it in time. We barely made it in to grab our kits, roast 1 marshmallow in the dark, and light our lanterns.

It is a magical event where people come together and help each other light their lantern and let it take flight and fill the desert sky. Despite all of the upsets this year, the event was a beautiful success.
Find out more about the event and buy your #lanternfest tickets here.