Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4TH of JULY in Los Angeles

I'm in L.A. with my Czech family right now which means I get to be in America for the 4th of July which happens to be my second favorite holiday. (Insert happy dance).
The backyard of the house we are staying in has a great view of the Hollywood hills.
I made sure to buy American flag clothing for everyone to wear.
We spent a fun day at the pool
with red, white, and balloon fun.
William is the new grill master and cooked up a yummy BBQ feast.
We ate and listened to some patriotic music.
Then around 8:30PM, fireworks started going off like crazy all across the valley.
I wish you could see the fireworks in this picture better. It was amazing. I have never seen so many firework displays going off at one time all throughout L.A.
We had a great view on top of Mulholland Drive.



Samantha said...

Happy 4th!! Body goals! You look amazing!