Sunday, July 31, 2016


I don't have 1,000 apps on my phone, but my cell phone battery seems to run out super fast. I don't go anywhere in my car if I don't have a charger with me (just in case).
I also seem to go through a lot of charging cords. This set from Meagoes has a short, flat charging cord that has lasted much longer for me. 
This charger has a blue light that shines so you don't have trouble plugging in the USB cords in the dark. It also has two slots to charge two different devices. This is fabulous for me because I can charge my phone and if I have a passenger, I have a space to offer them as well. Everybody wins.
Here are some specs for all of you tech peeps:
- Input: DC 12-24V; 
- Output(port1): DC 5V, 2.4A; 
- Output(port2): DC 5V, 2.4A; 
- Max Output: 30W, 4.8A; 
- Cable Length: 3.3ft(1M);
This kit is great for your apple products. If you use other Android devices, you can still use the USB charging device, but need another cord. #Meagoes

I was given this product at a discounted price in return for my honest opinion.


Samantha said...

I seriously live with a charger on my phone! I need it so much!