Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I like a good massage. It is true. I have had plenty of them. But I recently had an experience with massage that I cannot explain. Keep reading and promise not to judge me. 
As I made my appointment, I asked for the therapist who could provide some pretty deep tissue work. The staff recommended Steve (or Scott...I don't really remember and it doesn't matter). This therapist massaged me in places I have never been massaged before. Not THOSE places, guys!! He basically only worked in my armpits, glutes, and pelvis/hip bone area. He worked these areas so deeply it took 1.5 hours. While he was doing it, it didn't feel comfortable and in my head I was saying I would never ask for those areas again, but as he finished the areas worked felt so much more relaxed. It was intense. While working my glutes, he told me people often hold emotions in this area. It was super tender for me. I asked, "Are you telling me I hold my emotions in my right buttcheek?!"
He replied, "Yes, I guess I am saying having feelings is a pain in the butt."
Well played, Mr. Massage Guy.

Once Scooter (I really can't remember his name) was finished, he politely walked me to the front desk to manage the payment. I was following him down the hall and started getting giggly. He turned to me and said they call that being "massage drunk." OK whatever. I was at the desk and I just started laughing. The receptionist girls began laughing with me which made me laugh even more. They told me not to be embarrassed and this sort of thing happens all the time. I told her, "Nothing is funny, but I can't stop laughing." One girl brought me a glass of water as I sat down to compose myself.

Feeling in control, I took a deep breath and stepped up to the front desk again. The receptionist started explaining some sort of membership she wanted me to join to get monthly massages. I honestly could not pay attention. She looked at me and I said, "I feel like I am going to cry." She offered to phone me later to speak about said membership and I walked out. I sat in my car and began to cry. Let me say, I feel like I am pretty good at understanding and controlling my emotions, but I have no idea what was happening.  This was the strangest experience with massage I have ever had.

So I googled crying after a massage. Turns out it happens to other people more than I knew. Apparently, we hold emotions inside and when certain areas are worked and opened up, toxins and emotions can come out and make themselves manifest. I believe in the power of touch. I believe massages can relax and release tensions inside our body. I still don't understand it, but I think I needed this time on the table. 
Three cheers to letting go of the toxins in our life that seem to be overwhelming us or holding us back.

Check out this article someone sent me to help me understand this experience a little better HERE.


Unknown said...

I can definitely relate to that cartoon, nothing I look forward to each week than my massage. It not only helps me to feel better and gives me a charge of energy, it has become my little escape each week from this crazy world. I get lost during the massage with feeling of joy that can not be replaced any other way.

William Connors @ The Healing Station