Thursday, April 17, 2014


Guess which girl won 2 tickets to see Celine perform, 2 nights stay at Caesars Palace, and $150 for food during the stay?! You guessed it...this girl!
 After a little negotiation with travel plans, I was on the road with my best pal Brandon. We made the inevitable stop in Beaver, UT, for a quick bite and an I heart Beaver photo.
 View from our swanky Caesar's Palace room.
 Hello, Vegas!
 We enjoyed a little pre-show entertainment outside our hotel in front of the Bellagio.
And a quick view of Paris

 Celine sounded great onstage and our seats were fabulous!
Her performance seemed a little (actually a LOT) rehearsed, but she does the show 7 nights a week (tell joke-pause for laughter).
 After the show, we walked over to Planet Hollywood for THE best burger I have ever eaten. Even if you aren't the biggest hamburger fan like me, you will LOVE the food, ambiance, and service at Gordon Ramsay's BURGR restaurant.
 I am pretty sure everything on the menu is delicious!

We also had some sweet potato fries (with vanilla powdered sugar and honey jalapeño mayo) and a creme brûlée shake to go.
We went back to the hotel, stuffed, and found cute little chocolate gold coins on the pillows.
What a fantastic night!