Saturday, July 14, 2012


What is the best way to travel back to Prague from Sardinia?
Via private jet, of course.
The interior

el baño

in-flight movie

equipped with a flight attendant....
to bring us plenty of snacks.

I might have felt a little bit like the team on Criminal Minds at the end of the show when they discuss the case and share deep thoughts. Where the heck is my Shemar Moore?!

I played a lot of Top Gun on the Nintendo when I was little, so I convinced the pilot that qualified me to sit in the cockpit and help them land the plane.
(no, that's not a bad spray on tan...I really left that color after 2 weeks of Italian sun)
Touchdown in Prague at the elusive Terminal 3
No lines, no security check, no hassles...
can we do that again, please??


molly said...

awesome, friend.

Lin said...

Wow, this is beyond awesome! When I first saw it I thought 'hey, where's the BAU team?' haha. Any chance these people want to adopt me?

Supercords said...

Can you imagine living like this all the time, like it's no big deal. Those kids have no idea how good they have it--it's just the norm. They say money can't buy happiness, but traveling the world by private jet certainly can.

Kat said...

oh look at you gettin fancy in the luxurious jet. A little nicer than the first one huh? travelling with a bigger group pays off!

Lilia Dyal said...

Is that a family jet, or did you just rent it? Anyway, it is awesome to fly in one of these! And you even got to seat in the pilot’s cockpit! After looking at the photos, it looks to me that you had a cozy and comfortable time inside, with all the entertainment and food. It sure is nice to have a private plane because part of the fun of traveling is actually enjoying the time when you’re on the road – or in this case, in the air.

Corina Ogan said...

“No lines, no security check, no hassles...can we do that again, please??” – You certainly can! It looks like that you and the fam enjoyed the flight! Well, who wouldn’t enjoy such travel if you are flying on a very fine looking plane! The plush interiors are inviting and comfy. And the food looks mouthwatering! I think that’s the good thing about hiring private planes. You can be up in the sky feeling like a big shot!

Unknown said...

What an amazing view! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to be able to fly privately like the big guns. Doesn’t it make you wish you have your own private jet? I wish I did! The lane interior looks luxurious, by the way! And I do hope you get to enjoy the experience one more time.

Shawn @