Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hola Gato ran away...or maybe he was kidnapped.
Either way, I was informed the kitty at my mother's house is missing.
Sad face (even though I don't really like cats).

William heard me talking about the situation and decided he would help. So he asked if I had a photo of Mr. Gato, left the room, asked for my phone number and how to spell Utah, and then returned with this:

So darn cute. He then tried to make copies on the printer and suggest we take them to Prague and the Czech forest 
(I'm sure there are lots of people near the forest who might know where a lost kitty in Utah might be.)


Jenaya said...

At first I was intrigued by your title on fb... But this was actually pretty darling! So cute!!

Lin said...

Bahaha, that's so darn cute!

Britny Clark said...