Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UP House

I recently discovered there is a house in Herriman, Utah, that was built to resemble the house imagined for the Disney Pixar movie Up. So I watched the movie (I'm a little behind) and headed over to see it.

When I say it is just like the house (which plays a key role in the movie), I mean pretty much EVERY detail you can see is recreated.

Not all rooms were shown in the movie and had to be created.

The furniture, handrails, CLOSETS, retro kitchen appliances, home theater room...this place is beautiful on the inside and if you don't mind the pastel colors on the exterior you could live in it. That's right, it's for sale. If you have a spare $400,000 in your pocket, you can own the Up house.

Directions: Going northbound on Bangerter Highway, turn left on 126th South. Travel straight for a few blocks. Turn left at the light at Herriman/Main Street. You'll pass a rec center and school and if you keep an eye out on the left hand side, you'll see the brightly colored house. Turn left and the house is on the right on the corner.


Angie - Big Bears Wife said...

hee hee look at the UP house! that movie is so so cute and I would totally love that house!

Lin said...

I had seen this on the web & thought it was so cool. Lucky you, you got to visit the real UP house!

Also, you look super cute w/the big glasses.

Kara said...

completely rad.

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Kimberly said...

OMG the light blue fridge is so funny. I so want to go there, it is like my dream house. The bath tub seems like a very comfortable spot, that would make me wanna shower. I´m currently in Argentina and there is a house here to visit that is based on the actual Barbie house. It is near my hotel in buenos aires in Palermo, and you can go and see how the inside of the house of the doll would be. Amazing!