Monday, October 10, 2011


I have a new dentist who offers laughing gas to patients at no extra charge.
Deanna on gas can get a little funny...and I've been visiting him a lot lately.

1st visit
Dentist to assistant: I need a diamond.
deanna: A diamond?!
Dentist: it's a drill.
deanna: a grill?! Like a black person?!
*The assistant said she would make a note in my file to not give me gas on my next visit.

2nd visit
After leaving the office, I went through a 2 hour series of laughing hysterically and then crying (tears included) because I didn't know why I was laughing. I'm pretty sure that happened 5 times. I might have even walked into a wall or two trying to walk out of the office.
*The dentist told me he gave me 15% more oxygen and turned it on earlier to bring me back to normal faster.

3rd visit
*A new assistant asked if I wanted the gas. My head said no, but my mouth told her yes.
The dentist put some sort of rubber piece over my mouth which I later found out is called a rubber dam.
deanna: Is that a whoopee cushion on my face?
assistant: No, it's just there to help keep things from getting in our work space.
deanna: why is there a whoopee cushion on my face?

*The new assistant said she's never seen it affect someone as much as it does when I come in. Lucky me!
I have at least one more visit coming up. I'll let you know how it goes.


Lin said...

Haha, dont lie, you know you're messing your teeth up on purpose just to visit the dentist ;)

Mary said...

Very funny! I loved reading your posts. I have never had a dentist that offered laughing gas. I wonder how it would affect me?