Monday, September 12, 2011

UKRAINE. Ikraine. Weallkraine...for at least a weekend

I had a free weekend and an invitation to visit I took it, naturally.

Things I will carry with me from Kiev:

Their letters are funny, but their bathrooms are even funnier.
(I'm a girl; I do NOT stand to use a toilet.)

*The girls are pretty and seem to have flawless skin. I mean no fine lines or wrinkles anywhere. It's probably because they never smile.
*The men are cute, but their Russian sounding accent and the nonchalant way they talk makes them seem shady.

*If you have the chance to take public transportation and aren't very religious, you might want to start praying. It's an adventure!
-The conductor who collects your money for a ticket is allowed to say rude things to you.
But you are allowed to be rude right back.
-Men will not offer their seat to an older woman. Heck, he might even push her out of his way to get the seat.
-You must yell at the driver if you want him to stop at a bus stop.
-The driver sometimes takes payment and gives change while driving.
-You don't necessarily have to be all the way in the bus or have the doors closed before the driver will pull away from a stop.
-If you get in his way, the driver WILL honk at you.
-There are many times the bus jerks as the driver is shifting gears or slams on the breaks because he isn't watching and almost hits something/someone.

*Ukrainian eggs aren't for eating, but borscht is good any time of the day.

*If you drive a car in the city, you are pretty much allowed to park anywhere you want
(yes, these cars are on the sidewalk and in a crosswalk) and you should learn the Ukrainian words for both "traffic jam" and "road rage."

*Be prepared to be WOWed by fantastic rooftops (which for some reason made me want to eat Hershey's kisses), grand statues, lots of gold, and beautiful panoramic views!


Cecilia said...

i have been in WC's that look just like that! it was hilarious. i never took a pic though, in the days pre-digital cameras. what memories! next, go to moscow, so i can really reminisce through you!

Lin said...'re so funny! I love the photos. Also, I dont think I'd like to take their public transportations :/

Kara said...

Buses in Mexico are EXACTLY the SAME. Only you cannot be rude back. :)

Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

Those EGGS! They are so beautiful! I'm so jealous of your travels!


Tiff said...

Wow. Beautiful.

Colleen Boudreau said...

that looks awesome!