Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Three new modern art fountains were added to the city square in Plzen last week so I went to the celebration with my friend Martin. I sat at a bench nearby for a few minutes and watched the people's reactions to these additions (not in a creepy way). Almost EVERY person walked up and touched them. It was fascinating to me to watch this. I'd say 9/10 people walked up and touched the fountain or knocked on the marble base.
I was an art geek in college and I LOVE textures, but it seems to me that Czechs have a crazy phenomenon with touching things. There are many statues or plaques that have spots where the metal is worn away because it has been touched so many times...usually for luck. (Can you tell which angel head is the one you make a wish on in this photo?)

So why are they so touchy? I'm not sure. I wrote about the subject of touch once here. Archive it as you wish, because if you know me...you know I don't like repeating myself.


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