Monday, August 30, 2010


I went to a John Michael Montgomery concert at the Scera Shell with my friend Joe Saturday night and, first, I want to say it was fantastic! Mr. JMM has 20 number 1 hits that I personally LOVE to sing along with and he seemed so humble about it on stage. If you haven't heard his new song Forever, you need to.

During the first song, I did notice that his voice might not be able to hit all of the ranges it used to and this made me sad. I think sometimes I imagine super stars are supposed to stay young and awesome forever. I mean Dick Clark will never look a day over 35 and Betty White will always stay golden in my mind. It shocks me to see men turning gray and chubby with age or movie screen beauties get wrinkles. But it strange as it seems to me.


dnA said...

Hirow many times have you seen JMM? That's a pretty big show for the Shell.