Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today, I had my 1 year follow up appointment from my LASIK procedure (happy anniversary). The doctor told me I am still seeing 20/15 which is a major improvement from my 20/400 vision before the LASIK. Yeah, I used to say, "I think that's an E" up on the wall and now I can almost read the very bottom line. They promise if at any time during the rest of my life, my vision drops below 20/40, they will do a retouch. INCREDIBLE!

I went to Hoopes Vision and for any of you who are considering LASIK, I say DO IT. It was THE best money/investment I have ever spent/made. If I had to do it again, I would-no questions asked.

It is SO fantastic to not have to worry about falling asleep with contacts in, be able to swim without hesitation, or even to wake up and be able to see the alarm clock. Eye thank you with all my heart, everyone at Hoopes.


peejay said...

ugh. i want all of that. i hate contacts, and my glasses always get smudgy. bleh.

Aleksandra Nearing said...

My husband's having it done next month. Of course, he is a hypochondriac and picked hte most expensive place of all in the area and ONLY that place will do. Oh well, it's a lifetime investment, right?! I've dropped the equivalent on diamond earrings so he can have his lasik :)

Glad yours turned out well! He's kind of nervous.

Anonymous said...