Thursday, April 8, 2010


If you like sushi or hibachi grill (or maybe even both) and are in the glorious Utah County area, then you MUST go here:
171 West University Parkway in Orem.
Wow. There isn't a roll they've made that I didn't like (trust me...I've had a lot of rolls there) and the owner Siv is so cool I wish he was my uncle. Go ahead, get your sushi on.
**It's all you can eat and you should order the Hawaiian roll for sure (it's like dessert and sushi in one bite)**


ww said...

So are those the finalists in the boyfriend competition?

Cecilia said...

ooooo sushi. i love it. and miss it. make me jealous!

braden said...

Actually I think there was a roll that we both didn't like so much. It was the only one we didn't finish. And thank you for making me never want to eat sushi again because of how much I ate :)