Thursday, April 29, 2010


I notice a lot of things. This week I have made these conclusions:
1. Girls should not wear heels if they do not know how to walk in them or if they are going to buy them 2 sizes too big. Gross.
2. It's fun to see boys play skin vs shirts sports out in the nice weather ONLY if the boys on the skin team have nice arms/shoulders/lats.
3. If I ever have a little girl child, I want her to dress just like this girl we saw at the park...isn't she cute?!

4. Domino's Pizza has a new garlic and parsley speckled crust (as of Dec 2009) and it actually tastes really delicious.
5. Most people seem to lose 1,000 IQ points when either driving or walking through a Wal*mart parking lot. Seriously people?!


Anonymous said...

Aye, she's cute, but noone can pull off the 'multi-print-solids-stripes-with-two-different-socks-and-unmatching-hairties hobo-look' quite like you!

Anonymous said...

"ode to the princess"

that girl Deannarella
casts over me a spella
should she ever ring my bella
i'll buy all she has to sella

i'd jump around and yella
just to touch her, even smella
might give my left nutella
if she'd then let be her fella

she sprung my heart out of it's cella
and there's much more i'd like to tella
but since so few words end in 'ella'
here's the rest in a nutshella

with someone else i'd still be wella
but wella could be much swella
there's only one Deannarella
all the rest can go to... um... heck

Anonymous said...

YOUR little girl would DEFINITELY dress like this!!!!