Saturday, April 10, 2010


Spring Break for the kiddies so we headed to Pirate Island in Orem for dinner during a 24 hours of Auntie Nana fest.
Whoever thought "Chuck E. Cheese's is cool but would be cooler if it was pirate themed," is a genius.
So here we are:
Max hit the jackpot and won 100 tickets!

Fun with loot bags and pizza. But make sure you don't take the wrong tickets...

Throwing down to get his!

Prettiest pirate ladies in town.

Load up the car and take the family or friends to Pirate Island to see Captain Jack, eat some good grub, play in the aargh-cade, and take home some sweet loot.


Unknown said...

Is it really called the "aargh-cade"? Because, if it is, that is awesome.

Hollywood said...

I hope my kids are that cute, someday. I just have to hook up with someone who's carrying that cute-kid gene, I suppose