Friday, August 29, 2008


the facts of one sweet European roadtrip.

GOOD: A few years ago I made a list of the top 5 places I wanted to visit. The list included Texas, the MLK monument in Alabama, Chicago, Budapest, and the moon. I made it to Texas a few summers ago and can now cross Budapest off the list (although I wouldn't mind returning at all).

BAD: The only thing I hate more than sitting in a car with 4 people speaking Czech (I'm including the dang GPS girl in the count) is listening to Czech music at the same time.

BOTH: We set out Thurs night to Bratislava Slovakia. Then traveled to Hungary where we spent time at Lake Balaton and Budapest. Final stop was Vienna Austria before making it back to Czech Sunday night. Thank you cousin Michal, Lenka, Honza, and the CZ fam for one amazing trip!
FACTS: making friends in traffic jams, business socks, camping, mosquitoes, goulash, Buda and Pest, 1 vs 2 pills, "I have a cat in my pants", sausage and chocolate, currency rip offs, bath with a camera and old men, 4 different currencies, and taking shortcuts.
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Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

You know... sometimes the people I am with would speak a foreign language so that I wouldn't have to listen to them all of the time! Have I ever mentioned how jealous I am of your gallivanting around the world?

Jaimee said...

What an amazing accomplishment to make it to one of your top 5 places! That is always an amazing feeling...When are you coming home?? Miss you!

lauren said...

I miss you tons.
In my 5th period English class there's a boy from czech.
He blew his nose with paper.
Even though he uses paper instead of tissues, he's hott.
And has an amazing voice.
Oh, he also painted his fingernails black.
But whatever.
And there's this boy from holland in the same class.
Every time I see the czech boy I think of you.

cami rocks the blog said...

Have I told you recently that I too have a cat in my pants? meow. I miss you! I really miss wasting time, aka, working hard at DA! Come to Boston when you go home. Love you long time and hate you with insane bouts of jealousy at the same time. go figure.