Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I've been stuck at home with a large problem (that'd be my face), but this has given me time to watch a few movies. One film I caught is Kindergarten Cop. That's right with Arnold Schwarzenegger and him saying "It's not a tuma!" to 6 year olds. Great show but it got me to realize Arnold is the man...he's done a lot of cool things in life:
(IMPORTANT: for those that are about to stop reading because of length just hit the bold words then move to final paragraph)

*First of all he was born in Austria so he has a great accent that automatically wins him cool points wherever he goes.
*I remember Muscle & Fitness magazines in the bathroom with his Mr. Olympia photos in them (I grew up with 3 brothers gimme a break).
*The list of hit movies: Conan, Terminator films, Red Sonja, Predator, Twins (you know the fact that he tried to pull off Danny DeVito as his twin brother is pretty funny), already mentioned Kindergarten Cop, and True Lies.
*The hot chick wife Maria Shriver.
*Has his handprints and footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
*Helped start Planet Hollywood franchise.
*Having a SNL sketch in his honor with the not so "girlie men" Hans & Franz and the role of President in The Simpsons Movie.
*Chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports...an organization that aims to "promote, encourage and motivate Americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports". I remember this and I wanted this award...but I was too lazy to find out how to get it.
*And most recently, elected the 38th Governor of California.

So sign me up. How do I get to be so lucky? I think most girls move to CALIFORNIA, get in some nudey magazine, sing a song or get a role in a movie, win Miss America or some award, get award taken away for the nudey magazine appearance, star in movie, get own television show, then the rest is bliss. So, my question is...who is gonna buy my boobies???
ha ha it's a joke ma...for the most part. Unless I have some takers...contact me privately.


mr.brighton said...

Mr. California himself did some pretty nefarious things as well. Including some freaky sounding orgies... So maybe Arnold has some contacts for you in that department.

Sean Duggan said...

get back to the chopper!