Sunday, October 8, 2017


I think you all know my love of dogs and good movies by now so there shouldn't be any surprise about me sharing this new film with you. The Stray, distributed by Purdie Distribution, is a heart-warming film that the whole family can watch together.
I was able to attend a special screening with the director Mitch Davis and most of the cast/crew in attendance. 
He mentioned that the film was originally going to be released in 100 theaters, but it will be showing in over 600 theaters nationwide opening October 6, 2017. I am so happy for this news because it really is a sweet film.
The Stray tells the true story of a stray dog who saves a struggling family in more ways than one. I am pretty sure this is a story that many dog owners can relate to in one way or another. In this story, Pluto the Wonder Dog comes out of nowhere and instantly makes himself at home with the Davis family, who seem to quickly falling apart as a family unit. Pluto manages to save the family in many ways, ultimately giving the ultimate sacrifice and helping the family come closer.
Everyone involved in this film was so kind at the screening. They shook hands, smiled for photos, and signed autographs.
The dog who played Pluto even sat through the screening. I was able to meet her recently at another event (Sheepdog competition at Soldier Hollow) and she is such a sweet pooch.

Just quit reading my review and go see the movie!
Click this link to purchase tickets and see which theaters are showing The Stray.