Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oral7 Challenge

Have you ever experienced dry mouth at night while sleeping. It is a horrible feeling, am I right?!
Sometimes this happens to me and I wake up and drink a ton of water to try to make it better.

Maybe you didn't know that saliva is super important in our overall health. It helps with eating, swallowing and digesting. Without the proper amount of saliva our mouths can feel dry, we can have chapped lips, and (the worst) we might have really bad breath. If this happens, you can have trouble speaking, difficulty swallowing, altered taste, oral problems that you'll have to see a dental professional to fix, and more.
Want to hear about products that have helped my household with dry mouth problems? These Oral care products from Oral7 have been great for me. They don't contain any harsh ingredients or alcohol, they help soothe/moisturize my mouth, relieve dry mouth symptoms, freshen breath, and makes my mouth feel so clean.
I have found that these products are safe and easy to use daily for the entire family.
I want to challenge you to find out if you have a dry mouth problem.
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