Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Mother's Day is a holiday honoring motherhood and it is fast approaching (reminder to send a card or call).
 Mother's Day is also a soon-to-be-released film that invites us all to enjoy the laughter, tears, and love as 3 generations come together in the week leading up to the holiday.

Open Road Films has created this star-studded comedy just in time for the big day. I had the opportunity to take my mom and my expecting friend Jessica to theater to watch it last night. I was a little nervous about what to expect. I have seen other films similar to this (with several stories that somehow are supposed to combine in the end) and totally was unimpressed. This movie made it work. It tells the story of a newly widowed father and his daughters, a divorcee and the problems that arise with new people in their personal and children's lives, a business woman, a young couple struggling with the idea of marriage, and sisters who don't know how to speak to their parent's anymore.
My favorite story of the film is the young couple. One of them wants to tie the knot, but the other is holding back because they still need to "find out/discover who they are." Doubts, fears, and uncertainty can often old us back from progressing in life, but if we can learn to trust in others (and most importantly ourselves) we can move forward with faith. I know it is easier said than done and we all make mistakes or hold back, but it is never too late to open our hearts and let love in.

*The film also helped me realize all moms are a little bit crazy (just as much as children, dads, and friends are crazy too).*

Check out the Mother's Day Card I made on the official Movie website HERE.

Learn more about the film on it's official

RELEASE DATE: April 29, 2016
MPAA RATING: PG-13 for language and some suggestive material


LaVonne said...

That #ThankYouMom card was very cute! I love it. This movie does look funny. I'd like to see it too. Thanks for sharing.