Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Over the last two weeks, I have met many new people who made me feel completely blessed. It is a good feeling. I have felt this way before, but I especially needed it recently. I am thankful for them.
It reminded me of a few months ago when I was driving in Salt Lake City down some residential area with a friend and there was a sign posted on the corner that simply said, "You are Loved." We looked at each other and said a big, "Aww!" It was a simple gesture that a person made to let people know they ARE loved. Heart: melted.
This is why I really like this new subscription box. (Subscription boxes are so cool right now.) It is called loved+blessed® and is about hope and encouragement rather than products.
Each month you get a box of encouragement with a different theme that the company hopes will brighten your month, help you face the challenges of life, and allow you pass encouragement on to someone else.
Inside of each box is a mini poster, reminder sticker, scripture card (to keep somewhere where you can see it daily or to give to someone for encouragement), a keepsake theme card, and a special gift (it can be jewelry, stationary, journal, home decor, and more).
This is what came in mine this month. It has a framed poster with pencils so you can color it (adult coloring books are the thing this year) and then the rest of the things I mentioned with the theme of being a masterpiece. I LOVE this idea! We all know the world needs more love and kindness spread around.

They are giving away a year's worth of boxes. Enter the giveaway here and check them out on the website, shop, instagram, pinterest, twitter, and Facebook to subscribe (give a gift subscription).
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