Saturday, February 20, 2016


Are you or is someone in your house accident prone? My dad likes to do construction, but sometimes construction doesn't like him. (Sorry, Dad, it's true.) That is why we always need to keep first aid kits close at hand at my house.
This First Aid Kit by Protect Life is great. It comes in a small, lightweight canvas bag with handles that make it easy to carry/hold. It is the perfect size to put in the glovebox or trunk of your car or keep in your home or office in a small cabinet. 
It has over 70 common items you might need in case of an emergency or accidental fall. The bag zips and all of the items are located in two plastic pouches that close with Velcro. 
 These are all of the items in each plastic pouch.
Some of the items include: scissors, bandages, eye patch, gauze, and so much more. You can never be too prepared! It is important to be ready in case an unfortunate event happens and this first aid case will provide you with items you need to help protect/aid yourself or others around you. 
As a bonus, after ordering this product, I was given access to an ebook with "Must-know first aid steps for unexpected events" and "First Aid Kit Contents Guidelines" so I would know how to use this kit. How fabulous is that?! Like G.I.Joe always said, "Knowing is half the battle," that's why reading up on this material is good idea. Thanks for a great product!
I was given this item at a discounted price for my honest opinion.


Buckythebuffguy said...

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