Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Day 5 in Mexico brought us to a Cenote. We went to Rio Secreto for a private tour in an underground river full of with thousands of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites
 We were given wet suits, helmets, headlamps, and water shoes for our adventure.
Before entering the cave, we visited a Mayan Shaman who burned some incense and offered some words for purification and he wished us a safe journey.
 Our guide took us on a 3km tour that lasted about 3 hours through the cave with a combination of walking and swimming (or floating).

You have to be careful not to touch anything to help preserve the landscape.

It was an amazing opportunity you shouldn't pass up if you are in the area.
After the tour, we had a special lunch provided by Rio Secreto.
 For dinner, the 4 of us finished off a tomahawk 30 oz. steak.

Today was a good day.