Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I wasn't asked to speak at my brother's funeral today so I would like to share a few fond memories I have of him here. 

I remember him:
*looking out of the car window on a road trip and asking if a field of cows were bears. He had an eye exam scheduled for the next week.
*after getting his glasses, my uncle Duane was visiting and making fun of him by calling him 4-eyes and such. Duane then put on his glasses and realized there was a whole new world out there (green trees on the mountains, letters on license plates, etc). Duane then had an eye exam scheduled for the next week.
*sneaking into the racquetball club with me because our parents couldn't afford the membership anymore. As we were leaving, he told me the staff were chasing us and we had to jump out of the window and run home through the outdoor tennis courts. I didn't notice the net between courts and ran straight into one and had a black eye the next day.
*jumping off bridges in California.
*singing The Proclaimers 500 Miles song over and over with me during a road trip with our mom.
*wrestling in the family room.
*hiding food in the best spots in the refrigerator so nobody else could find it and eat it.
*giving each other "santa sleigh rides" down the stairs in our house (one person would get in a blanket or sleeping bag while the other pulled them down the stairs in the wackiest way possible).
*throwing Easter eggs over the fence at the neighbor's house with my cousin Brian. My mom found out because the police came by to tell him to stop.
*jumping on the trampoline and slip & sliding.
*bleaching our hair at home (yikes).
*having his friend Marcus cut my grandma's toe nails while watching Lawrence Welk reruns.
*getting $1 to spend at the Penny Candy Store with me every time we went to visit our grandparents.
*helping with Christmas "ding-dong-ditch" and getting in the wrong car. "Gas it, Freda!"
*somehow knowing when anyone in our family was eating for pizza for dinner and he was there within minutes to share. EVERY TIME.
*riding in the car and carrying a bicycle out of the window because it wouldn't fit in the backseat & riding his bike home while carrying a ladder a different night.
*giving me rides in his Jetta named Sparticus.
*buying a pair of ski poles from the thrift shop, nailing his shoes to 2x4's, and trying to ski down the hill in our backyard when we moved to Utah.
*eating only super healthy foods at his house with his family and then coming to my parent's house and sneaking junk food.
*teaching me how to drive a stick shift by pulling him in the snow behind my dad's truck in the church parking lot.
*bragging about giving my dad the best Christmas present (shirt from Saver's) while I gave him some "tacky famous signed Picasso" piece.
*always being able to mutter a funny comment under his breath.
*eating our mother's famous enchiladas.
*sneaking poopy diapers from his babies under the seat in my car on hot sunny days.
*cutting down Christmas trees together (wherever we found the best one).
*saying, "My name is Tim and I like to party."
*being willing to help out whenever he found a chance.
*making everyone laugh.
*trying to be the best dad - the cool dad.
*smiling and getting whatever he wanted. Ugh...that made me so jealous sometimes.

I love you, brother Tim.

Like Rod, Tim likes to party. He just took his party to another place for a bit.


Kara said...

Oh my goodness, Deanna. What a heavy event to happen. I am so sorry my friend. Tearing up writing to you. Big hugs from far away.

Todd Klassy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. I cannot imagine the grief you must be experiencing. My heart breaks for you.

With deepest sympathy,


Sue Hull said...

Im so sorry for your loss. That really sucks you weren't able to say what u needed to say at his funeral. God knows what's in your heart. Tim was so blessed to have you as his sister who loved him so much. You're in my thoughts & prayers. God Bless

dnA said...

I just saw this post title and wanted to read it because I was thinking about you two today - cutting down Christmas trees. Its that time of year. I bet he'll help you find a good one. xoxo