Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PLATTY the Dog

Since when did I turn into such a dog lover?! Especially one who pulls over on Center Street to follow a dog home who ran across the super busy road twice hindering traffic, who sees a dog run up the onramp on the freeway and drives lots of miles out of my way to the next exit to turn around and check on him, or one who gets teary-eyed when talking to strangers about her own dog. 

And then someone shares the story of Platty the dog with me and my heart breaks.
A dog who was supposed to die. Platty will live his last days, fulfilling his dog bucket list with kind-hearted, compassionate people instead of stuck in a shelter. I just want to give them all big hugs. The world needs more happy Platty faces and caring people like his new family (I'm including his owners, doctors, the photographer, and all of the supporters around the map as his family).

Read up and follow along with his journey on his Facebook page.


TaMara Sloan said...

Thanks for sharing at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.

D said...

Nothing wrong with being a crazy animal lover! Shows you've got a big heart! :) I read about Platty a few days ago and have been following his story ever since. I had a golden so I think that's why I'm so moved by his journey. Thanks for sharing this piece!

dogwalker8 said...

I love happy endings. check out Lionel's Legacy, senior dog rescue in San Diego.

Piranha Banana said...

Thanks for sharing -- i like reading stories like this. I am struggling to find the 'Ridiculous' in your statement and I just don't see others, yes. But not dog lovers. We understand - even dogs are lovers of dogs... and so it is that when my momma mentions to someone at her work that she is taking me to a play group she has been met with raised eyebrows and crazy lady nods as if she had three heads. One person said - that dogs don't need playgroups that 'it's just a dog' (true story). Well, that is why I am so well behaved around everyone - and you won't hear all those horror stories about me. And truth be told I can understand why that very same lady, was then bitten not too long ago on the heinie while riding her bike past a neighborhood dog that was in its driveway (true story). I am sure that dog who bit her heinie was NOT socialized! (let me clear up it was nothing serious). So the interest and care to what seems ridiculous to most, is the very fiber that ensures dogs are well taken care of. I appawed you!

Unknown said...

I'm going to check out Platty's story, I hadn't heard of it yet. Thanks for sharing!