Thursday, December 26, 2013


At the end of the stairs in my parent's house is a cluster of photo frames. My photo is a shot from when I was Dairy Princess in 2000. I figured it was time for an update…and a perfect Christmas present. is a newly launched site offering the tools and inspiration to create and personalize your favorite digital photos.
To celebrate the launch of the new site FrameEvent is currently offering a free print with every order, the user just needs to pay the shipping charges (which are very low).
This is what we created (with a little personalized note from Day-Z on our photo).
FrameEvent allows users to easily capture and personalize memorable events by providing the tools and creative elements needed to personalize digital photos, making it a great holiday gift idea! You don't have to be a digital photo editing expert to write names & dates on wedding/anniversary or school photos, add some flare to vacation candids, or a border on holiday shots on the site and completing the order is very simple.

Here are some examples from the site of some cute photos you can create:
We'll be ordering more prints because I'm pretty sure the moms LOVED it.
Visit FrameEvent to personalize some of those holiday photos you just took.


Unknown said...

That is a grab idea. I am going to check out the website. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Maybe this would be easier than buying all that scrapbook stuff my wife gets. I will tell her about it so to save time and money.