Tuesday, April 16, 2013


...it's like Vegas for old people!
We arrived at probably the smallest and most adorable airport I've seen in the states in Branson.
The 5 & 10 is the local cool shopping spot
 (it was almost impossible to find my first real 6 string)
Local fashion
 local eats  - Andy's Frozen Custard
The coolest looking museum I've ever seen
 (dedicated to the Titanic, of course)
went to a few shows: SIX (a capella group kinda like Rockapella)
& Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede dinner show (totally worth it - good food you eat with your hands, audience participation, and very entertaining)
Stopped at the local Aquarium
It's small, but super awesome! The staff love their jobs and you get hands on experiences with animals.
 My mom wasn't keen on touching the rays and sharks
rare singing dogs
and they even have mini golf (you'll literally see a different mini golf course on every other street...they are built like Mormon churches in Utah County)
We also went on some overpriced zip line ride (unless you've never been on a zip line before).
I say it's like Vegas for old people because the city starts late, then after lunch takes a nap, and the shows all end around 10pm. It's also a bit of  a time share trap. If you have the option of splitting the cost of accommodation, food, or shows, don't choose the shows...they are pricy. You can go listen to a "not a timeshare" presentation and get discount tickets...just depends on if you don't mind wasting 90 minutes of your day.
Also, we didn't go to the amusement park, but I did park and ride the free shuttle to the main entrance and if we had more time there, I would've gone in for the afternoon. Visit Branson.