Sunday, April 21, 2013


Since my dog's car accident, I have been trying hard to make sure she eats a proper diet to keep her  eye strong. Daily, she does puzzles and we play frisbee in the yard to make sure she stays healthy mentally AND physically as well. Since this is a priority for me and constantly on my mind, I asked what do I do that is better for ME? One thing I like is to get my fruits & veggies (with no artificial preservatives) by enjoying a Jamba Juice Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie. It's full of antioxidants and vitamins my body needs and tastes super delicious at the same time.
Day-Z and I both live fruitfully with our Jamba goods.


Carrie Phelps said...

She is still just as beautiful as she was before the accident. I'm so glad she's okay and won't have lasting painful affects. I have such a huge love spot for Jack Russell's, she makes my heart melt.

jamie braun said...

cant take care of others if you dont take care of yourself first! love Jamba Juice