Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Since I had a girls' day with my nieces, tonight was supposed to be boys' night with my nephews. However, they decided to fake being sick to miss school and weren't allowed to go out. So...I decided to take some friends to see Wreck-It Ralph. 
 Ohmygoodness, this movie was super funny...way better than I was expecting.
There were lots of references to old school video games that kept me entertained (like the Contra extra lives code to open the castle, homeless Q*bert, and Bowser blowing fireballs when he was surprised). 
Hilarious. Even if you are a kids movie snob, I'm willing to bet $5 that you will enjoy this movie.*

WRECK-IT RALPH smashes into theaters everywhere on November 2nd!!

*I won't really give you $5...but I'll know you have really bad taste if you tell me you don't like it and your opinion will no longer be valid to me.


JanetGoingCrazy said...

I loved Wreck It, Ralph!! Now I can't wait to see it again!!

Lin said...

My husband wants to see this movie so bad. He's a big gamer so he's sure to get a kick out of this movie.

peejay said...

deanna, why aren't we friends in real life? seriously. and secondly, i'm wondering if you have any suggestions for going to new york, but i don't have your email. here is mine: srjohnston@gmail.com. let's get this friendship kindled.

Deanna said...

Yes. Don't go now. Hurricane...heard about it??